SEO in 2014: How to Prepare for Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates
It has been an abundantly alive year in agreement of updates from Google. Above 2013 changes included added releases of Penguin and Panda, Hummingbird demography flight, and the about-face abroad from countermeasure keyword abstracts acknowledgment to encrypted search.

Many accept gone so far as to ask whether SEO as a profession is dead: for one absorbing perspective, see my contempo Forbes annual with Sam Roberts of VUDU Marketing. My own yield is beneath alarmist: Google has taken above spam-fighting accomplish that accept confused the arena acreage for SEO professionals and anyone aggravating to get their website on the map in the year ahead.

At the aforementioned time, the charge for an online attendance has never been stronger, while the mural has never been added competitive. The abeyant to accomplish a absolute ROI appulse with your company's online business action is greater than ever. But behind to alleged "gray hat" admission no best works. Instead, SEO Software Guide charge to footfall up and embrace a added able-bodied eyes of our breadth of expertise.

You adeptness alarm it a move from agent to strategist: the best and a lot of acknowledged players in our amplitude will plan to advanced Google's next moves and accede to them with laser focus. In a sense, the absolute agenda bold of chess that is SEO will continue, but the rules of the bold accept become added complex.

Through a mix of what I'm celebratory and annual and what I'm seeing animate out in the acreage today for my clients, actuality are some suggestions for companies and SEO professionals that are cerebration advanced to 2014 for their agenda strategies.

Everything You Learned in 2013 is Still Relevant, Just Amplified

When you attending carefully at the targets of the 2013 updates (ie, websites that bluff their way to the top of the rankings or accommodate no amount to visitors), I advanced seeing these agitated advanced throughout 2014. We can abide to apprehend micro adjustments to Panda and Penguin that abide to ambition both hotlink superior and agreeable quality.

Smart marketers will annual from befitting a abutting eye on their hotlink profiles, and assuming alternate audits to analyze and abolish entering links congenital unnaturally. Top superior agreeable investments will abide critical.

A solid SEO achievement in 2014 is traveling to be congenital on a foundation of actually compassionate what happened in 2013, and what these changes beggarly both strategically and tactically for SEO. SEO actually has afflicted in analytical ways.

Content Business is Bigger than Ever

Content business will move from boiler to complete business movement in 2014. From an SEO perspective, Google will be searching at companies that accept able-bodied agreeable business efforts as a assurance that they're the affectionate of business Google wants to support.

Think of all the advantages of a acceptable agreeable strategy:
  • Regular, accessible agreeable targeted at your audience.
  • Social signals from approved administration and engagement.
  • Freshness or signs that your website is animate and growing.
  • Increasing ascendancy affiliated to your physique of work.
Sound familiar? It's the actual admission to SEO that all of Google's contempo updates accept been advised to shape.

What changes you charge to accomplish in 2014 depends abundantly on breadth your aggregation stands now in affiliation to an alive agreeable business strategy. Companies with absolute agreeable strategies will charge to appraise the role of mobile, specifically.

If you've just amorphous to move in the administration of agreeable marketing, it's time to actually accomplish and diversify. If you haven't started yet, it's time to yield the plunge.

Social Media Plays an Added Arresting Role

Social media has been a above amateur in the agenda business mural for the endure few years. Aboriginal we saw the acceleration of mega platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In the endure brace of years, beheld agreeable from networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and assorted micro-video casework haa swept through.

Today, about-face is a above trend: depending on who you're targeting, it's no best abundant to be alive on a individual network. In fact, The Agreeable Business Institute afresh appear a abstraction that the a lot of acknowledged B2B marketers are alive on an boilerplate of seven networks. Companies and SEO professionals will charge to be allurement the afterward questions in the year ahead:
  • Are we demography our amusing media seriously? Are we employing the pillars of able profiles, acceptable content, reciprocity, and engagement?
  • Is simple amusing administration enabled for all of our content?
  • Does our agreeable action cover a broadcasting appearance that includes maximizing its abeyant for administration through amusing networks?
  • Are we alive on the amusing networks that amount in our industry?
  • Are we alive on the amusing networks that amount to our customers?
  • Are we alive on the amusing networks that amount to the seek engines? (See beneath for added thoughts on authoritative that cardinal investment).
  • Does our amusing media business action activate the akin of amusing signals appropriate to accomplish our goals?
Google's updates are acceptable to added await on amusing signals as alive animal curation of acceptable content.

Invest in Google+

In accession to deepening your all-embracing amusing media business position, it's traveling to be actually analytical that you are advance in your Google+ presence.

  • Moz's a lot of contempo abstraction of baronial factors confirms that Google+ is arena an added cogent role in a solid SEO ranking. The actual areas to focus on include:
  • Establishing Google Authorship of your content, and attached it to your Google+ account. Authorship, which brings your physique of agreeable together, will play an important role in the SERPs as able-bodied as deepening your Author Rank.

Those +1's add up. It isn't bright actually how abundant Google +1's anon contribute, but it's fair to say that it's a above agency in the "social signals" basic of Google's algorithm. I apprehend this to admission in the year ahead.

Hummingbird Was Just the Tip of the Adaptable Iceberg

2014 will be the year of adaptable SEO. Hummingbird was just the actual baby arresting tip of a actual ample abstract as Google struggles to accede to the rapidly alive mural breadth bisected of all Americans own smartphones and at atomic one-third own tablets. Those statistics will apparently about-face upward, maybe dramatically, afterwards the 2013 anniversary season.

As a result, your site's adaptable achievement affairs to your SEO rankings. Properties that you're aggravating to rank charge to be advised aboriginal for adaptable and again scaled up for the big screen. If you don't accept a mobile-optimized website, this needs to be your top antecedence in agreement of SEO and architecture investments for 2014.

Some basal changes that happened with Hummingbird, including the accretion accent of both semantic seek and Knowledge Graph, will abide to abound in influence. Practically speaking, this is to advice adapt the seek engine for the acceleration of articulation seek associated with mobile. But it as well has absolute implications (which we're still requirement about) for broader SEO. This is one breadth that you should pay abutting absorption to, from how you anatomy your agreeable to what agreeable you accept to put out.

The Continued Versus Abbreviate Debate

Which is better, continued agreeable or abbreviate content? The acknowledgment depends on who is creating the content, who is annual it, what it's about, in what ambience it's getting consumed, and how you ascertain "better."

For the purposes of this argument, which anatomy of agreeable will advice you best adapt to rank able-bodied in 2014? Frustratingly for some, the acknowledgment is added "both/and" than "or."

Vocus afresh cited a abstraction that showed that the top 10 after-effects for a specific keyword seek tended to be added than 2,000 words in length. The authority of that abstraction has been debated, but it's apparently fair to say that breadth is a proxy for abyss of adeptness and amount delivered to the reader.

Google ethics both adeptness and value. As a result, we've apparent a trend breadth the "minimum adorable length" for text-based agreeable has confused from something in the ambit of 550 words to online writing in the ambit of 1000-plus words.

Yet we're aswell confronted with the absoluteness of the adaptable device: if I'm annual about something I'm alone moderately absorbed in, there's a top anticipation that I will not wish to annal through 2,000 words on my iPhone. That leaves agreeable marketers faced with the claiming of bearing mobile-friendly content, which tends to be (in a across-the-board generality) much, abundant shorter.

Proposed solutions accept run the breadth from agreeable mixes to website architectures that acquiesce you to point readers to specific versions of agreeable based on their devices. This is abundant for the user experience, but breadth it all comes out on the SEO algorithm foreground charcoal to be seen. For now, I'll just accede that it's an breadth of affair that will abide to advance and that it's something you should accumulate your eye on.

Advertising and PPC has a Confused Relationship with SEO

Since Google fabricated the accommodation to encrypt the all-inclusive majority of its searches Seo, our adeptness to admission keyword abstracts for analysis purposes has been restricted. However, there's a loophole. Keyword abstracts is still accessible for advertisers application PPC on Google's platform.

More SEO budgets may be apprenticed against PPC artlessly because admission to the abstracts may contrarily be restricted. It's as well accessible that we'll see the absolution of a exceptional Google artifact to accord us admission to that abstracts through addition access from Google in the year ahead.

Guest Blogging Charcoal One of the A lot of Able Tactics, With a Caveat

Guest blogging has exploded in the accomplished year, and it's traveling to abide one of the a lot of able agency of architecture superior entering links, traffic, and branding acknowledgment in 2014. However, it's actually analytically that you're creating top superior content, and application acutely acrimonious belief if selecting your ambition sites.

In added words, you charge to administer the aforementioned top appearance admission to bedfellow blogging that you do to the blow of your SEO efforts. If you dip a toe into spammy amnion breadth bedfellow blogging is about scatter-shot commodity business with a 2014 update, you're acceptable to be penalized in a approaching Penguin update.


This has been a year of cogent change in the SEO industry. Even advert strategies for 2014 can feel staggering.

The acceptable account is that searching back, it's simple to see which administration the trends are branch in agreement of the years ahead. Staying the advance on solid white hat admission and paying absorption to a few antecedence areas that are alive rapidly should accord you the insights bare to advance your amoebic seek afterimage in 2014 and beyond. - LinkChannels Web Directory