Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Future of SEO: A Theme Based Approach

What's Your SEO Theme?

If you havenв't looked into it before, it ability be time to accede theme-based SEO. Refined and clearly launched in 2010, the accepted abstraction has been about for far best and acts as a accustomed addendum to how sites are organized if acceptable architecture practices are implemented. To accomplish this easier to follow, I’ll breach into bite-sized sections.

What Is It?

Theme-based SEO allows you to focus your SEO efforts on an all-embracing affair or “theme”. You can awning a lot added arena and accept the enhancement arise as in fact amoebic and natural. This is accessible in your onsite SEO efforts and Meta tags but in fact game-changing if it comes to offsite SEO - including hotlink building.

How Does It Work?

Instead of targeting a annual of actual specific keywords, and risking austere backfire for what Google calls “over-optimization”, you ambition keyword capacity or themes. This is fabricated even simpler by the actuality that this is how a lot of sites are already organized. Take a accouterments website for example. The home page apparently talks about everything, but a lot of autogenous pages will abode a above focus of one or two capacity like - plumbers - plumbing repair/servicesв ,  drain cleaningв, etc.

What are Its Capital Advantages?

Aside from actualization far added natural, theme-based SEO provides a lot added blast for your blade because a archetypal affair amalgamation costs about as abundant as a accepted 10-keyword SEO amalgamation but usually provides 40, 50, or added advantageous keywords. Just accumulate your expectations realistic. All 50 keywords are not traveling to be block-busters. In general, however, a lot of bodies acquisition that theme-based SEO provides 1.5 to 3 times the acknowledgment on investment over acceptable keyword-based packages.

How Do You Begin?

First you will wish to analysis your articles and/or casework to baddest your keyword themes. If you accept a Google AdWords annual (even one with no funds) you can use the advisedly provided Google Keyword Planner apparatus at

If this is not an option, just Google SEO keyword suggestions and you will get affluence of options to advice you acquisition the best opportunities available. Worst case; stick to the bigger “core keywords” you already apperceive and go from there.

What are Amount Keywords?

A amount keyword can be anticipation of as the everyman accepted denominator keyword grouping. Let’s say you are optimizing a website for a plumber in Indianapolis, Indiana. Your amount keywords ability include: plumbers Indianapolis (590), Indianapolis plumbers (320), plumber Indianapolis (320), Indianapolis plumber (170), plumbers Indianapolis IN (40), plumber Indianapolis IN (30) – and a few more.

What Kind of Seek Aggregate can I Expect?

Before we go any further, let's attending at the numbers aural the parentheses afterward anniversary amount keyword. This is the amount of exact bout searches performed on Google, per month, on boilerplate (total annual seek aggregate disconnected by 12). If you add these up, it’s 1,470 EXACT Bout searches performed per ages on average. That's huge and it's alone 6 keywords!

What does “Exact Match” Mean and Why is This Important?

"Exact matchв" agency that the getting accounting in the seek concern typed alone those exact characters with annihilation before, after, or in-between.

Do Long-Tail Keywords Count?

Absolutely! One archetype ability be “plumbers in Indianapolis” (just abacus the chat “in” to the middle). That’s what we alarm a long-tail or "focused keywords" (using acceptable theme-based SEO terminology). I"ll grab a dozen accepted ones and get a seek aggregate counts;

plumbers in Indianapolis (90), emergency plumber Indianapolis (50), 24 hour plumber Indianapolis (30), best plumbers in Indianapolis (30), plumber in Indianapolis (30), plumbers Indianapolis Indiana, (30), Indianapolis IN plumber (20), plumber Indianapolis Indiana (20), plumbers in Indianapolis IN (20), Indianapolis IN plumbers (10), plumber in Indianapolis IN (10), plumbers in Indianapolis Indiana (10)

How Does This Impact My Abeyant Ambition Market?

That"s addition 350 exact bout searches, which brings your abeyant up to 1,820. That"s at atomic 1,820 searches per ages getting done for your exact account in your exact location. And with addition ten account of analysis you can calmly acquisition 30 added focused keywords abacus up to addition 550. I just did it. That's 2,370 abeyant searches per ages (28,440 per year!) – in a individual SEO theme.

You apparently would not absorb the money for a acceptable SEO company’s 50 keyword backpack to get all of these, but back you can get all of these as abeyant keywords in a individual SEO affair“ why not? The amount or time and accomplishment investment is about the aforementioned as that aboriginal 10 backpack acceptable SEO amalgamation and the focus and rankings will alter organically, which is what it’s all about.

Let's do This! What's Step 2?

Once you accept your SEO capacity ample out, it’s time to alpha optimizing. The ambush actuality is to accede application assorted variations of your amount and long-tail keywords as organically as possible. In added words; be natural. Just abode the words in your argument naturally, and don’t anguish about application exact keyword phrases. In fact, say you accept 500 words of argument on the page – you will do bigger by accepting just a few mentions of “plumber”/ “plumbers” and a individual acknowledgment of “repair”, “service”, “emergency”, “affordable” or any added focused keyword descriptor.

What's Next?

Once your argument is written, clarify it a bit to accomplish abiding you accept not included any keywords too often. A lot of of all; accomplish abiding the argument reads by itself and is meant for animal readers. And accumulate in apperception that bodies wish quick answers so put the capital account against the alpha of the page. I ability alpha with:

“Need a reliable, affordable plumber in Indianapolis? Trust Jack’s Mechanical for all of your accouterments needs; both residential and commercial. Proudly confined Central Indiana back 1999, we…”

That’s beneath than 30 words; all anxiously placed to acknowledgment the catechism the aggregation has top of apperception – and best of all it’s absolutely accustomed aural and will canyon Google’s accustomed argument algorithm analysis with aerial colors.

H Tags

Next you should anxiously accede what you wish as your H1 tag (main heading). While it’s appetizing to use something accessible like “Plumbers Indianapolis, IN”, it’s not actual accustomed sounding. You can in fact get added from an even simpler tag such as “Your Indianapolis Plumbers Back 1999″. It’s abbreviate and candied and looks like a tagline you ability acquisition on a business agenda or letterhead. It’s accustomed aural as a tagline.

Meta Tags

On the back-end we accept the Appellation and Description to anticipate about (Don’t bother with the “keywords” tag). These should aswell arise accustomed – but don’t decay amplitude with abandoned characters! Google has bargain its recommended appearance calculation in the appellation tag from 64 down to a best of 56 (including spaces) in adjustment to bigger board book accessories and smart-phones.

Title Tag

For your page Title, accumulate it simple by amid capacity with pipes (|) or dashes (-). Accomplish abiding you get the business name in as able-bodied as the capital geography. Here’s an example:

Indianapolis Plumbers | Jacks Mechanical Accouterments Repair

By removing the apostrophe in Jack’s and abacus “Plumbing Repair” to the aggregation name, we backward aural 56 characters and included: 2 capacity and the capital geography. But this is just one possibility. It ability accept been added like this:

Jacks Mechanical – Plumbers Indianapolis, IN – Plumbing

You ability even try application a added accepted name for the company. If you are locally accepted as “ack’s Plumbing”, use that…

Jacks Accouterments Indianapolis, IN | Emergency Plumbers

Spend some time chief what aspects of the affair are a lot of important to you (repair, emergency, cheap, fast, etc.) and plan about that. The appellation is a actual important aspect of your on-site SEO.

Description Tag

Ready for a shortcut? We already did this; able-bodied – mostly. Feel chargeless to use the aboriginal 160 characters of your page text. That’s what Google will grab if you don’t accept a appellation anyway. I would, however, advance you accomplish slight changes to get the a lot of you can. For example:

“Need a reliable, affordable plumber in Indianapolis, IN? Trust Jack’s Mechanical for all your accouterments needs. From adulterated pipes to cesspool cleaning, we do it all.”

You will see attenuate changes in the aboriginal allotment and an absolutely altered additional part. Bottom line… It’s all absolutely amoebic and by itself abounding argument that Google LOVES.

Link Building

Unfortunately, a “how to” on hotlink architecture is an commodity (or book) in itself. What I can acquaint you actuality is that the ballast argument (clickable words) acclimated in theme-based SEO can be far beneath accessible than in acceptable keyword-based SEO.

For example: Instead of the acceptable “plumbers Indianapolis” we are acclimated to seeing; theme-based SEO gets abundant after-effects for assorted keywords at once, with something like “fast and affordable Indianapolis plumbers”.

That's just one example. And, of course, the aboriginal archetype is about consistently a paid hotlink (and Google knows it) while the additional is abundant added acceptable amoebic because bodies hotlink like they speak.

Good luck